Apply for Text Loans up to £500 today

Borrow small cash anytime you need – Just send a text message.
Enjoy the benefits of a pre approved text loan account with some selected Payday Lenders. Text Loans are normally short term lending products of just £100 to £500 only. Unlike credit cards or overdrafts which can get out of control sometimes, text loans are a viable option for small cash needs.

This loan account with the lender is managed via phone and internet. All you need to do is to get your mobile phone number registered for a text loan service. Your text loan account with your lender will remain valid for several months and during this time you can use it multiple times to borrow quick cash via text message. It is simply an alternative to cash cards which can be used anytime and paid off on your next payday.

These are short term cash advances which can be obtained to cover small and often unexpected expenses like car breakdown or household repairs. It is designed especially for times when you have spent all of your salary and still have few days to get your paycheck. From emergencies to planned expenses, you can obtain theses small text loans for those urgent and unavoidable expenses. Even if you need this small top up amount to support you in some bigger purchases, you can obtain these loans; also known as sms loans sometimes, without any trouble.

The application process for a text loan account is extremely smooth. You need to fill a one-time application for registration of your mobile phone number. The system will forward your information to the leading payday text loan lenders in the UK. They will contact you with a quotation for creating your account if your application is approved. You will then have to review the offer and compare your other options to choose the best deal. Your account will be created quickly and you can use it anytime in the future till it is valid. Just make sure you pay off your text loan amount on time to keep your account valid and active.

Implications of non-payment

Before signing a loan contract, you must read all terms and conditions carefully. All the implications of non timely repayment of loan are mentioned in the loan agreement you sign. If you do not understand any of the clauses, ask your text loan lender for clarification before accepting the offer.

Generally a penalty is charged by the lender if you delay a payment or miss it entirely. It could be around £20 for first few days which can multiply in case of further delay. Adding up of this amount can make your loan deal very expensive and unaffordable. The further implications of non-payment of your txt loan can be a mention of your loan default into your credit report. This can adversely affect your any payday loan applications in the future. To avoid such uncomfortable situations, you need to take preventive measures in advance. If at any point of time you realize that you are not able to make arrangements for the payment, then you must immediately contact the lender to explore the alternate repayment options.

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